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Ideas create a corner work relaxation

8 hours working at the office can cause you stress and fatigue. Surely you don’t want to have more pressure when sitting in the corner working at home. So let’s reference 8 following suggestions to create an angle to work comfortably:

1. Choose a convenient location to set the angle of the work

A corner of the bedroom, living room or front hallway, even a period in kitchen, space warehouse… can become a work space in the home for you.

If placed in the living room, the corner of your work should be placed against the wall and try to “minimalist” to the reception room, that does not become cumbersome and untidy. Or you can take advantage of the corner indented into the fire of the room to form the working angle neat with desk and bookshelf stylized. Another embodiment is to place the glass table long behind the sofa, add a chair with a table to create a frame for corner work.

2. Neatly arranged


Use for hours looking for an important document enough to make your stress level increased instant. Let’s reduce stress by putting everything in the right place. An office clean, tidy, help you easily find what you need. You can invest a shelf materials to arrange the important documents to quickly find when needed.

3. Create comfortable seating


You can work longer, and focus when the seat is not comfortable. Let’s priority for a comfortable chair instead of a bench-frills, impressive but causing you back pain when sitting for long.

4. Choose soothing colors, elegant


When painting room wall work you can select the colors are bright but harmonious, gentle (such as blue, gold, bright white, cream, pink,…). Avoid the color too dark, too showy, easy to create of the oppressive feeling when looking at.

5. Decoration more vivid detail


To avoid feeling boring boring when working, you can put some decorative objects, or a post painting art brings charm and beauty to the corner of his work, at the same time your spirit will also be more comfortable.

6. Bring the familiar feeling of family to work


Let’s decorate around the corner of your work with the familiar and approachable, like a picture someone you love or painting funny that you draw. A little sense of family in the workplace and to remind reason you work hard and help you relief whenever he thought.

7. Bring nature into corner work


Nothing makes the body to be more relaxing therapy nature. Let’s bring nature to the table with a small plant pots, a vase, a little natural light or a small aquarium lively.

8. Inspiring music


Music has a major influence on mood and stress levels of you. Select a music CD love and enjoy. You will be surprised about the attitude that music can bring to you.

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