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How is building a 2-storey house for 400 million?

Building a 2-storey house costing 400 million is currently interested by many homeowners. With not too much construction budget, how to design architecture, construction or interior to ensure aesthetics, comfortable living space for family members is not easy.

If you are not sure how to build a 2-storey house to suit your budget of 400 million, immediately refer to the article below. Wedo will ensure that you will build a fully equipped house, without worrying about incurring costs.

Consulting to build a 2-storey house with the price of 400 million, no cost

This 2-storey house model is loved by many people providing a comfortable living space. In particular, owning a 2-storey house partly shows the economic potential of homeowners, especially in rural areas. To design to build a 2-story house costing 400 million , you need to pay attention to the following things.

Consider starting time

As you know, weather in Vietnam is often divided into rainy and dry seasons, so considering the time of construction during construction is also an issue that needs to be carefully calculated.

To ensure that the construction process is carried out smoothly, you should choose to build in the dry season, with good weather conditions to help the construction of the house on schedule. On the contrary, when building a house during the rainy season, the work is often interrupted, affecting progress as well as costs; Especially if you borrow money from the bank, the time extension is not good.

Determine suitable land for construction

First, consider how much land your home is. If you own a large land area, you need to divide the house area and the garden area in the most appropriate way. Because the more area to build, the more it costs.

A 2-storey house worth 400 million beautiful

With a limited budget, then build a 2-storey house with the price of 400 million VND should build an area of ​​about 40m2 (two floors are 80m2). Do not build too large although your family’s land area may be very large. Determining the area will help you save materials, interior and exterior and construction costs.

Calculate whether to buy to build reasonable prices

Construction materials such as iron, steel, cement, and sand will cost differently in each region. So you should consult the market price first, then choose a store that provides good materials, reasonable prices to buy guarantees for the construction.

Construction of the raw part of the house takes a lot of materials. So just with the difference of a few tens of thousands of dong, when completing the house, it can save a few tens of million dong.

Calculate purchasing construction materials at reasonable prices

In addition, you need to calculate when buying construction materials, you should not buy in bulk at a time to avoid wasting if not used up. Priority should be given to locally available materials such as in rural areas, the price of wood, sand and gravel may be cheaper because transportation costs are not large.

However, you should also note that the raw construction affects the quality of the house a lot, so do not be too cheap, excessive cutting of the material will affect the long-term safety of the house.

2-storey house exterior design costs 400 million


Beautiful modern style house exterior design

To build a 2-storey house costing 400 million you should choose a modern style with a simple facade design in terms of lines, which saves both design and labor costs.

Not only that, the design of a modern, creative 2-storey house with healthy and youthful lines also helps the house avoid the heavy look of the classic design style.

Simple finish, simple interior

According to Wedo’s construction experience, when constructing the raw part will not incur much cost, but finishing interior design will affect a lot of money. That’s why when completing a 2-storey house with a construction house costs several billion dong, but some people only need a few hundred million.

Simple but comfortable interior

So, when building a 2-storey house for 400 million , the interior should not be too sophisticated, cumbersome, it is not necessary to use materials luxury finishing.

Construction supervision

One of the ways to help building a 2-storey house cost 400 million to save money is to supervise the construction process. Through the supervision can urge the workers to work without wasting time and materials.

In addition, you can understand each specific construction item to help better understand the process of using materials, construction contributes to ensuring the safety factor, quality and minimizing unnecessary material loss. .


Monitoring construction process

Choose a reputable design and construction unit

Choosing a reputable design and construction unit is also a big question for households. Because this is one of the main factors that make up the quality of your home.

If you do not have experience let Wedo help you build a 2-storey house priced from 400 million to save money but still shimmering beauty. Wedo commits to a team of experienced architects and engineers who will advise you and your family on appropriate design to construction plans to ensure science, aesthetics as well as quality.

Suggest some favorite models to build a 2-storey house with a price of 400 million

The model of a 2-storey house with 400 million VND is really suitable for Vietnamese families today. Especially for people in rural areas with low income, the house is a big asset to them, so the model of 400 million house will be interested by many homeowners.

The 2-storey house models below will definitely make many people love.

A 2-storey house with a large garden

With a limited budget of only 400 million, homeowners should choose to build a simple tube house with an area just right. House design is not too fussy but very aesthetic. The house has many windows and balconies so the wind and light are very good, around the house has a garden, the car parking space is airy.


Design a 2-storey house with a spacious garden

A model of a two-story country house full of personality

Sample of a 2-storey tube house priced at 400 million

How can build a 2-storey house for 400 million in a countryside that is both simple but still very personal?

This must be the question of many people. So the perfect answer to those questions is the square 2-storey tube house models with no redundant details. Most of the main doors are made of large glass panels, creating a very modern feel.

Sample of a 2-storey roof house with a very personality

Uniquely deviated 2-storey roof model

Currently, the 2-storey deflection roof model is a very unique design. If you are planning to build a house with a budget of 400 million and you also love this extremely unique design style, also refer to the following designs.

Design a luxury 400 million luxury roof roof

Open space 2-storey model

Most tube houses have the disadvantage of limited space. However, this tube house has overcome that by opening many windows and balconies. So the indoor space is always cool and comfortable.

Design a 2-storey house with open space

From living room, kitchen to bedroom, large windows are reasonably placed to receive the wind. The main door and balcony door are also made of glass to let light into the house. So with a small area, this design is still very popular.

Modern stylish 2-storey house template

This design has been chosen by many homeowners. It is a 2-storey tube house and has a small tum, the apartment is small but very comfortable.

Front 4m and about 15m long, the tube house has 2 bedrooms suitable for families. The top small tum is used as a worship room, often found in rural houses in Vietnam. In front of the tum is a large balcony made into a small garden, making the space greener and more energetic.


A youthful, modern 2-storey house model of 400 million

Thus, above are the sharing and advice when build a 2-storey house for 400 million . These designs are a great architectural work while balancing aesthetics, quality at a reasonable price. Hopefully, through this article, you will choose the best home model for your family.



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