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Home decor bathroom ultra-luxury for the city

Select luxury interior design-frills…, the bathroom below “smoking” the eye of the viewer by the sumptuous splendor.

Bathroom equipment with high-end porcelain enamel white tablecloth


Bath stand with delicate design, luxury


Bath porcelain glossy on the wall background red bocdeaux to create a cozy feel with modern style.


Fall colors along with a modern interior.


Sprawling makes a difference, especially when using the materials luxury glossy.


Bathroom facilities are all heating equipment and screen entertainment.


Just need few interior decoration small, but it’s synchronized, the bathroom also become much more luxurious.


Stone cladding, round bathtub “ton sur ton” creating space dream with everyone.


Bath oval as a rock, help to relax as the heart of nature.


Colors white, black, creating a luxurious, elegant and charming.

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