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Hoang Ngoc Resort

Hoang Ngoc Resort is a resort belonging to the street, Ham Tien ward, Phan Thiet city. Located between a range of the well-known resort, but Hoang Ngoc still stand out thanks to create her own mark.

Design: ARCHITECT Nguyen Truong Luu

KTS Corn Dang Van

The architecture is designed on view is a family-friendly environment. Wide open spaces maximum with green systems and water… go into each interior space. The entire work is also nature covered. If stood looking from the outside in, there’s a place not seen works now, just see grass, trees, water, rocks… mixed together, forming an architectural space friendly. Trees have a lot of categories, is a combination of all three regions, north, central and south.

With the desire for anyone to stay in the sea also shall be enjoy the scenery of the sea, so all the rooms are designed for the sea. Land area is 16.000 m2, but construction area of just over 4,000 m2, including villas for rent, vacation home related design, the public buildings, such as restaurants, swimming pools, tennis courts, garden… with construction time in 2 years.

With architectural forms, materials, architecture, combined with the create space terrain in the core is different, so there is feeling works as is “springing” up from the earth, nature, into a complete picture. The space is divided and private. Guests who come here always feel like in your own home. The rooms are designed with garden items, green plants are separated so as not to affect each other. The internal roads, corridors, bridge works are lifting the background different pitches to create an abundance of space and diversity of vision.

Works are using solar energy to take advantage of the hot sun of central as well as create the ecosystem for work. Stone stone and rock mass is the main material. Natural stone tubers works blended with green trees, water, sky, creating feelings of works closer, steadiness and harmony. Space bedrooms are decorated in soothing, also the toilet, then cool, be extended with nature. Light is also used as a form of impressive decorative.

Works previously designed and built a time, but to leave it as he found many defects. The work is conducted only continues when the two architect Nguyen Truong Luu and Corn Behind the Van shook hands with the investor.

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