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Free download of example 7 example! Fashionable Japanese-style interior | interior for site-LUV INTERIOR-

“Park down”room and say,Japanese color, and Japan, from materials, our room was made in a contemporary modern elements features high-quality room.

Recently from overseas the sum of style is attracting attention,and the champion of the sum of the material and atmosphere take care, modern style that combines the room often seen. These styles will be introduced.

Japanese-style room! Puzzle・Modern what is a style?

The smooth style and speaking of trees, the smell of the room,the sum of the spatial and traditional Japanese materials and colors love the style.

For example, the wooden toy fly the Typhoon’s table and low table with Seating cushions,chair seat, and bamboo are added or room shades also and feel like a traditional Japanese colors cherish your room.

It from the atmosphere to cherish the smooth style and modern elements combined with the”puzzle・modern”style.

Puzzle・modern room examples 7 example

Example 1). it has Typhoon of the table is the main sight of low living

Leading like a presence is our baby of the Typhoon, a low table with Seating cushions in.

A low table with Seating cushions around low furniture from sofas and TV units such as wooden things to put in the room and the sum of the atmosphere.

The color tone of blinds, including wood grain color to the center with a chic color that in English・a modern sum of the space.

Example 2)mauve on the walls the smell of wood of the sofa to settle down in the living

The back of the TV behind the wall color in traditional Japanese mauve as the color,the couch also the texture of wood is important room to make it.

The reduced color rendition of puzzle・modern restless spirits have room.

♪♪♪ Lighting and Bellevie Villa Ruby-GD/GY lights and Ceiling ceiling lighting lights 5 lights for living dining bedroom children’s Room Cafe bright 6 tatami 8 tatami remote control interior LED retro

Example 3) floor between focusing on low living, directing

・Example 3) floor between focusing on low living, directing

Source: https://aflat.asia/article/1100/index.html

The floor between the TV set as well take advantage from a sofa in the smooth style firmly secured.

This modern cushions and rugs that put the plants as interior property to be increased.

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Japanese wall, sliding door design modern wind

Example 4)sliding door design,chandelier, and also become familiar with Japanese style

The sliding doors of a modern pattern with the cushion and the hilt of the most unique in it, Japanese-style room is fused to the room.

Japanese-style chandeliers to decorate like the idea of doing without floating production way

Red it has low tables to accent, and the exotic atmosphere of the room in the making.

Example 5)Wall modern paste replacement,the smell of wood of the shelves and chair in the calm down space

One side of Wallpaper paste replacement, and shelves to make Japanese-style room modern wall complete.

Tatami and wood grain of the Japanese-style atmosphere of Cherish from the shelf and Wallpapers are selected.

Wood and water hyacinth and rattan, such as round stool put also folded and woodgrain of the room and the chemistry is the computer.

Example 6)dining to business needs・modern retro atmosphere

Old Japanese kitchen the sight of recall closet and table. The table also can be just a simple, modern ones choose a color to be unified in the atmosphere than the sum more room to help.

Sliding door also from an old house brought in the fact that the atmosphere is plenty out. Lighting the smooth style atmosphere with modern ones choose not to mind the hateful room.

Example 7)bedroom into puzzle・modern a nice atmosphere

In the bedroom Shoji utilizing the bedside lamp control such as putting the modern feel of the room with friends.

The round mirror also lovely cushions and bed cover, bedside lamp and antique feel to the modern atmosphere, and relaxing the bedroom is as lovely.


In women,the Other, the family lived with indirect lighting/Japanese modern Japanese-style room/Japanese paper folded/hanging closet/Japanese/stylish...such as the interior of the examples introduction.

Source: https://roomclip.jp

What do you think?

As an example of a stable, calm me.

World practical being”free”is introduced.

Out through the room to you,the nature and they’re feeling is amplified, like I’m not feeling.

Hisense, lean design,everyone will enjoy.

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