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Find the beautiful Danish design furniture

Are you looking for a nice Danish designmøbel, so have BoShop a large selection of Danish furniture from manufacturers such as Wood city Kristensen

Nice coffee table in solid wood is shown here from the Wood by Kristensen, which you can buy here at BoShop. Danish design furniture is well-known for its simple line and a knowledgeable use of natural forms.

Danish furniture with a strong craftsmanship tradition

Here in Denmark we have a tradition of having a long and historic møbeltradition, where the craftsmanship and design is both timeless and well thought out down to the smallest detail. This also applies for the tables from the Wood by Kristensen, as you can see in the top photo. It is the Danish joinery creates furniture with a handicraft expression, which both pulls the tape back in time, but at the same time is absolutely at the forefront of what is happening in the Danish furniture market.

Natural characteristics of Wood by Kristensen

On Wood by Kristensen factory has the own tørrestue and sawmill. This means that they can manage the process from the first crude opskæringer of the wood, and right through to the final detailing. They stand out by performing extraordinary håndsortering and processing of the tree. Their passion for the old håndværksmetoder are reflected in their designs. To work with solid wood, where every piece is absolutely unique, they heavily rely on human skills and crafts through the entire process. The natural characteristics comes fully into its own in the Wood by Kristensen furniture that you can watch online as well as in our shop in Risskov, and in the centre of Aalborg.

“Hos BoShop-we select any of the furniture in our range to high quality standards, and our Danish design furniture living of course up to these requirements”

Benefits of Danish design furniture:

• Get the possibility to furnish you with a long tradition

• Get the opportunity to decorate you in the scandinavian style

• Have the opportunity to support the Danish furniture manufacturing

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