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Find a practical and beautiful coffee table with drawer

Would you like to have a beautiful and implemented the coffee table with a handy drawer? We offer hos BoShop, where we among other dealer coffee tables of the brand Ethnicraft, which unites the emotional aspects of rational functionality

Coffee table with drawer gives you a convenient coffee table in your living room. If you love wooden furniture that really highlights the wood’s personality and warmth, you would love a coffee table from Ethnicraft. This is a picture of the Burger Teak coffee table with drawer. Please note, that it turned a coffee table in the picture is unfortunately not available anymore.

Coffee tables with drawer gives you practical applicability

Often you can see many home bears the imprint of the many people who live there. There may be lektiebøger, remote controls, magazines and the magazines on the coffee table. It is quite natural, since it is all in the dwelling, which is usually staying in the living room by the couch and the coffee table. In the course of such a full day that way it opmarganiseres many things at such a coffee table. But with the Burger Teak coffee table, as you can see at the top of the big picture, you had the option to store these things in a tray, that is embedded in the coffee table. On the way you had the practical things close at hand, while in a split second, be able to store things away again, if you wanted a more rydeligt coffee table.

Great storage in sofabordene

Take, for example, even a look at Ethnicrafts Burger coffee table in teak, a beautiful coffee table that was with the tray and great storage. Or look at the Window Oak – coffee table, which also featured a space for magazines and other.

“Many of our coffee tables have a design that is not only well thought out from an aesthetic perspective, but just as often is the complete set from a practical perspective”

These tray tables are in no way less beautiful and exhilarating, because they have drawers. But they still work as a focal point for family fun. Come by our stores in London or seattle, and see all the models from Ethnicraft and other brands. You will find without a doubt a coffee table with tray and good storage space with us.

Benefits of coffee table with tray:

• Get the ability to store things away, when you receive the guests

• Get the opportunity to have a fixed space for the things know your coffee table

• Get the opportunity to showcase things in your coffee table with a glass tabletop

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Read more about the product and purchase them including:

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