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Facilities for full house 3 floor

You are going to build new home purchase, or “innovative” content to his house. The furniture with the use of long time no these no longer fit but also make you bored, lack of energy for life. You dream of a house is not “husband” too much floor which is still fully equipped. With only 3 floors we will help you have a living space filled with energy.

Footsteps on the 1st floor is the living room flooded with light with floor porcelain tiles with the painting hanging on the wall not only bring air to the house but also makes you feel like living among nature.

Sofa set gray white create the lip for the luxury living room, along with the decorative wood and mirror alternating – great result for the effect of doubling the space.

Sofa repentance white chic

The 1st floor there is harmony between the kitchen and dining room, just ensure full functionality, just meet aesthetic requirements. The decorative lights in the center with soft lighting as the flower’s yellow in the sun soon bring tenderness and warmth over.

Kitchen room decoration the lamp in the center

Opposite the dining table is the array of wall decorations full of personality. Special frame landscape paintings big impression, create add depth to space for meal more appetizing.

Kitchen room and frames for paintings

Space living room in 2nd floor. System lights modern decoration on plaster ceiling, white curtains natural light for the room becomes shimmering. Painting decorative stickers on the wall and the carpet is thick in the central area, the room looks outstanding personality.

Living room floor 2

Wall decoration with impressive motifs. These vases sophisticated styling on shelving adds beauty for the modern living space.

Living room with motifs on the wall

The bedroom of the family home at 2nd floor gently with shades of warm, suitable for who like the bass stable. Wall paper pattern vintage with picture frames tree branches blended with the overall color brings a pleasant sensation.

Bedroom floor 2

Potted plant placed next to the locker decoration for the room more green harmony.

Potted plants in the bedroom

Guest bedroom at the 3rd floor with the door frame big glasses and light natural space more liberal.

Guest bedroom floors 3

Wall decor headboard with striped shadows create the effect of extensions on the visual. The frame decorative paintings contribute to the need for the layout room, giving the space more lively.

Wall decoration bedside motifs, stripes dark

System cabinet shelves white on a gray background just clean, tidy and modern. Plasterboard ceiling with lighting, delicate feel cozy.System cabinet shelves white on a gray background

Bedroom space with full versatile device handy to meet all the needs of the employer.

Versatile equipment in the bedroom

Bedroom for son on the 3rd floor and modern personality, using strong colors and delicate materials. Plate mirror, two bedside create the effect of extensions on the visual, match the aesthetic of the owner.

Bedroom 3rd floor

Plasterboard ceiling systems lighting exquisite harmony with the color of the floor fake wood for feeling warm, pleasant. Picture frames on wall background grey create focal, help balance the overall layout.

Plaster ceiling in the bedroom

Plate wall decor with floral images to life.

Plate wall for the bedroom

Toilet harmonious combination between color, light – dark and material porcelain tiles luxurious and comfortable.

Toilet harmoniously coordinated color light - dark

Bathtub – sink – bathroom layout adjacent just handy just help save space.

Bath+face wash+bathroom space saving

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