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Expanded space for small kitchens

Our country land, pantyhose, east. The housing problem is always a big problem needs a solution smart. So, if you own a small house with the room is limited on space in that room, kitchen, where you care for family breakfast, an every day was more fortunate than many others. And you still want to have a kitchen room cozy without the costs of renovating, you can refer to the following solutions.

The compartment type rack will make kitchen trap is as heavy as when using wall cabinets.

Big wide kitchen 3

Hanging pots and pans up high also frees up significant types of cabinets.

Big spacious kitchen 4

If the kitchen is not square, you should still make use of every m2 kitchen.

Big wide kitchen 5

Room is small, you can still use your kitchen island, but note select category has dividers to and easy to move when there are many people in the kitchen.

Big wide kitchen 6

Should make maximum use of the height of the house to create storage.

Big wide kitchen 7

The type of hook helps the dishes dry and looking for more.

Big wide kitchen 8

Let’s select the price or lockers depending on the space you have. Not necessarily installation of the whole system, large closets.

Big wide kitchen 9

If there is not enough room for a kitchen island or dining table, a small corner also temporarily solved your desire.

Big wide kitchen 10

Let’s install a mirror anywhere can to create more spacious feel.

Big wide kitchen 11

Color and light wood is always been the priority for the small kitchen.

Big wide kitchen 12

Nothing makes kitchen more cramped is the lack of light. You need to note to ensure sufficient lighting for the place bring to this delicious meal.

Big wide kitchen 13

Create open space for kitchen, by not separated with where to eat or living room.

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