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Expand your bathroom space

You are to endure the stifling and the unkempt because the bathroom was too small. Let’s push back the feeling of that into the past with some decorating tips for small bathroom efficiently this way.

A small bathroom can make some people feel depressed and just wanted to leave the space, suffocating him. It is believed that no can expand the bathroom, very difficult to bring to a decorating ideas new and implement it with this room in the house. Therefore, the design ideas, small bathroom need more requirements than just doing it to be less ugly than. Don’t know your bathroom wide, how many square meters, the following ideas can make it look bigger and better.

One thing should be paid attention to when the area of the bathroom so humble is the color scheme. The colors used here should be the light tones to bring good results. You should limit the choice of the dark tones. The reflective light of the dark tones are very weak so it can make your bathroom look more cramped and smaller again. Therefore, you choose the pastel shades or tones pure as beige, gray makers, beige, white milk… to get a look nice for a small bathroom.

When deciding on color schemes for small bathroom, the bright is a very important factor, not to be missed. With respect to the first bathroom, the light comes in a natural way through the little window above. Colors and lights sync makes the room look more spacious.’


When decorating a small space by color, you should paint the walls white. White is the color has the ability to reflect the best light in the world of color and create the illusion of space in the bathroom. The accessories used in the bathroom should also choose the soothing tones eat and match the entire design.

In the field of decoration, colors are extremely powerful and have the ability to bring a look completely different to a space. So, when color schemes for small bathroom design, you need to choose carefully the color more bright, then the space more and brighter.

With the helpful tips above, you can refer to a number of design as well as color schemes extreme “standard” to refresh the bathroom, quickly and easily:


Bathroom space with white dotted tones green sapling of the tree, of floral motifs, face towels, floor mats,… extremely manipulative.


Incorporate a glass wall dividers space sensible is also a way to create a feeling wider and brighter for the bathroom.


The pastel colors sweet is always number 1 choice when you want the “big wide” small space.


Look at this bathroom, who also have depression and mat by ingenuity in layout, as well as beautiful color schemes perfect.

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