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Ethnicraft in walnut, we have it with us!

Belgian Ethnicraft has just now launched some of their popular wooden furniture in a new type of wood, namely walnut. In this blog post you can read more about the sovereign nice furniture in walnut wood…

Rise is a coffee table from Ethnicraft, shown here in walnut in a room. Please note, that it turned a coffee table in the picture, unfortunately, can not be purchased more here on the website.

Walnut is here to stay

Plain walnut, which is also called ‘Juglans regia’ or just walnut comes from a large, deciduous tree with a broad, irregular crown and difficult, winding branches. Walnut is in nature no light demanding tree, and as in the nature and forests casts a sharp shadow. It is the warm expression in walnut, as many people in Denmark have fallen in love with. It is the warm feelings and the cool logic, as Ethnicraft aims to create every piece of furniture that will be added to the company’s range of high quality furniture in wood.

“Good design is for Ethnicraft rational in the sense that a piece of furniture should always be well thought out in relation to the function, it must fill in the home”

Good design is for Ethnicraft is characterized by an immediate, perceptual and emotional appeal that makes you want to look at the furniture, to touch it and take it in use. A piece of furniture should be beautiful and it should be able to feel an emotional attachment to the term, it has.

Wood that radiates warmth

It is the glow in the walnut, which makes that the furniture works heating. When you enter in a room or in a living room, where there is either coffee tables or cabinets in walnut provides the room a soft, warm and welcoming nature. Simultaneously creating a piece of furniture with a very concrete and rational purpose. It should be used to address a need, and it has a function.

Benefits of choosing a piece of furniture in walnut:

• Get the feel of a piece of furniture with the heating
• Get a piece of furniture that exudes something cosy
• Get a piece of furniture that exudes kindness

On the basis of the emorationelle design, want Ethnicraft to deliver timeless design, which will satisfy people in a holistic way. This holistic approach to design comes in addition to the expression in Ethnicrafts approach to sustainability.

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