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Enjoy villa resort beautiful seaside

Located on a promontory, coast, this house is both an ideal resting place of the family is both a gathering place for friends and luxurious living. Come here, you like to be immersed in nature and earth thanks to the architecture, seamlessly integrates interior space and the exterior.

The house is designed with solution to harmonize the two requirements of homeowners, architects have designed the seating space surrounded the house with the connection from the house, out to the yard. The architect has created a seamless link in the use of the same material , interior styling both inside and out, helping to dispel the boundaries between the interior space and the exterior.

Panoramic house along the coast.

Spacious living room with gram grey white chic.

Spacious living room with gram grey white chic.


Seating area outside overlooking the coast.


Luxury kitchen cozy place family gathered for the feast intimate.


Bedroom harmony with nature, thanks to the large plate-glass windows.


When pulling the curtains at the bedroom back guarantee principle, discreet, private.


Modern bathroom, fully furnished.


Corner work ideal in the house.


Dining room combined with a living area outside. This is the ideal place to organize outdoor party.


Cozy bar sure to request seating private and intimate.


A corner of relaxation ideal edge of the pool behind the house.

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