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Easy DIY troublesome! New list of furniture and lovely room♪ | interior for site-LUV INTERIOR-

To match the room perfectly-sized furniture that you will want to make the others.

You can find a lot of storage you want, or earthquakes, such as worry for the wall to storage to thrust the shelves with or my room to the combined size of the furniture you want and ideals if it’s fun.

At such times it yourself DIY least of order furniture from fashionable and cute to make something that is possible.

Once available only to some.

New list of rack space.

Wall storage and under the stairs storage you want to make the counter or in the hallway up in the rack to make and at the time of said Nitori if the order can be made.

How to place the order,of the official home page of the storage page of the online storage to access it.

Rack width 15~90cm in the range of 1 cm per order is possible.

Source: https://www.nitori-net.jp

↑Order from here!

Depth 4 types,like a corridor in depth without taking too much you wish to put in the location of the storage also this material is made.

Neat measured by the height of the rack by ordering a combination of pain.

Under the stairs in the music and the size of the storage racks to be.

Ceiling height of storage built-in rack to close in shape can be made. Also, the top tension rack can be installed.

Thrust shelves with 259cm of 9 types of height of objects.

The shelf is also 1. 5cm in-time pitch with much storage rack.

Make your own and say Hey man your desired size measuring just OK.

Order Desk and counter under storage available

The order Desk is a study in bed table,housework table improvements.

Width 60 ~ 150 cm in 1 cm increments so you can fit the space, and applications tailored to the Desk you can order it.

So if you want to say that this hope is not easy.

Bed table and bed sizes perfect for the table will be able to make.

The color 5 colors from the like the colors chosen, and it is good.

Order rack with door storage with chores for the Desk and the variety of food storage space there.

What storage to choose from,your chores Desk on it’s own.

Off the rack if ordered with both sides of the table and it can also be used as children study and play space,housework and meals to the counter to use as possible.

Use a wide range of tables, where you can choose to pay real money for some extra items.

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Download counter storage in the excellent storage capacity and convenient

Counter under storage shelf to make and a lot of storage is a must.

Height 70~110cm 1 cm from the unit in to the / ETC / Lighttpd / Lighttpd. Conf file should define things like this

The depth is not there, tableware, books can be stored in the rooms.

Find storage if you want to open, choose the type, otherwise the door type,sliding door type so you can choose from them the ones that suit your order to looks good.


The ideal size of the meet, unless you order furniture and quite good.

Your want the space to fit all,just imagine if we would.

I also furniture choices, let’s.

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