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Designed for open-space living room

The former living room design is discreet and commensurate with it’s furniture in the room is also often have to adhere to the classical school, in detail. It is more difficult for the beauty space privacy of the family by people is often limited vision. Nowadays, modern design with the open space has contributed to the new space of the family, take advantage of the natural landscape outside point of view.

Large plate-glass windows along with furniture light colors helps expand the space.

One thing to notice is the open living room often helps the space to add the extensive and easy to decorate than by the ARCHITECT and the owner often find the angle of view eye the most in the house to spend for this space.


Spacious living room surrounded by walls of glass.

Interior and exterior to blend with each other through the car door or glass wall instead of the blocks dense concrete ago.


Open space to welcome natural light.

Contours rooms are usually identifiable healthy, freedom and the way of expressing the liberal and soul wide open. Colors for the living room is usually the shades of gentle elegance.


Improve vision by the ceiling.

Sometimes a few hit points by hot color. For color for living room furniture open should choose colors, bright , youthful. When natural light spills into the room, the room will become brilliant, fun.


Red sofa for extra space accents.

If you are the owner of a living room opening also means that you own completely light “for”, so to be able to actively adjust the light you should be mounting the curtains for the doorway.

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