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Design consultancy-house facade 5m

This is preliminary plans for the house with the money from 5m. This embodiment has been our select by line to organize the space of the house quite closely.

– 1st floor has the garage is separated from ingenious to part to the motorcycle by a small wall, use the repository. This floor has a living room, right next to the garage, corridor led out a bedroom and a laundry room is private. Stairs run straight from the machine to the floor. This floor are arranged in a WC small under the stairs.


– Floor 2, after coming off the ladder, you will stand right in the dining room. Next is the kitchen and this side living room of the family, there bulkhead light with the dining room. WC, floor layout corner of the kitchen.


– 3rd floor will be 2 bedrooms, a room with separate WC. The dining room will make more floor up to the roof, just keep hallways and stairs, the rest are 2 two-bedroom, first home.


– 4th floor will be a bedroom to the front, and a large bathroom to the rear, there are both bath massage private to you relax.

Preliminary plans new give you a specific view more on necklaces space in the house with the money from 5m above. Nguyen Anh Tuan in Hanoi, mr. Nguyen Quoc Strong in Hung Yen, you Van in Hanoi, mr. Nguyen Viet Phong in Bac Giang, you Dig strass in Ninh Binh, Pham Thanh Nam in ho chi minh CITY, Pham Kim Ngoc Thach in the CITY can refer to this embodiment. Of course each of you will have a different requirements, but the project is for your reference line space in your house. The more you have specific requirements for each option please contact us to have a plan individually for each request.

I wish you success and get a house like italy

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