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Delicious tv-chair for relaxation – BoShop

A tv chair from BoShop is of very high quality and stylish design. With a tv-chair from, for example, Conform, you get a chair that you can sit comfortably in the many hours that you enjoy and use in front of the tv, and when you need to relax at home for the tv

A delicious tv chair shown here in black leather. Select a tv chair from BoShop you get more than a delicious seat to sit comfortably in the many hours you spend in front of the television. The picture shows the Timeout easy chair from the Conform, which you can buy here at BoShop.

Many of our armchairs are from Swedish Conform

In our webshop and in our large 1,500 m2 shop in Risskov, Aarhus and in our 1,700 m2 shop in Aalborg, we offer a wide range of armchairs and a tv-chairs that fits the nordic home, as we have in Scandinavia. Many of our armchairs and a tv-chairs where you can sit back in from the furniture manufacturer Conform, who for years has been behind some of the most comfortable tv chairs, which you can find in the market.

“With an uncompromising approach to what it means to sit harmoniously and comfortably have Conform created a series of lænestols classics. Classic tv-chairs, we are proud to have in our range here at BoShop”

The backrest can be adjusted with a single click

BoShops tv-chairs possess much charm, where comfort is incredibly delicious. Experience shows that the tv-the chair is sure to be a hit in your home that fall easily into together with the other furniture. The backrest can be adjusted with a single click and also has a chrome swivel stand. All of which is to make BoShops tv-rely absolutely perfect! As the picture shows, is BoShops tv-chairs of very high quality and standard. However, there are in no way compromise on comfort, on the contrary. You can see the full range of BoShops fjernsynsstole on the Website and the other armchairs. We seen in BoShop!

Benefits of a tv-chair:

• Get your very own chair, as you do not need to share with others in the home

• Get a good chance to set the chair and place the chair

• Get one of the best options to sit comfortably for hours

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