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Decorating your own orangery and conservatory

A conservatory, opens the house up and it invites you to the many cosy moments when you both are close to nature and have everything at your fingertips from the house and close simultaneously the spring in with an orangery, as here, among other things, is decorated with Subang armchair

Orangery has its origin in France, when grown old orangetræer for decoration in large tubs. One of the oldest orangery is from 1674 and is located at the castle Versailles near Paris. Hos BoShop you can buy wicker furniture, lanterns, rugs, and many other things for your orangery or conservatory.

What is an orangery, really?

An orangery is the term for a greenhouse used for the overwintering of trees which was previously called the orangetræer and other evergreen plants. Since citrus trees can settle for less light in the course of the winter, there are often only windows on the sides and not in the roof. Orangery today is not reserved for the upper class, and just the name of an insulated and heated greenhouse, where the plants that do not tolerate low temperatures can overwinter. The orangerie is both a place for the cultivation, storage, and stay.

How is an orangery built

Orangery were generally built facing south to take advantage of the maximum possible light, and were constructed using brick or stenbaser, brick or stone pillars and a korbel tagren. They also contained large, tall windows to maximise available sunlight in the afternoons, with the north-facing walls built without windows in a very heavy solid brick, or occasionally with much smaller windows to be able to keep the rooms warm. Insulation at these times was one of the major concerns for the construction of these orangery, straw became the main material that was used, and many had wooden shutters fitted to keep in the heat.

An early example of the type of construction can be seen at Kensington Palace, which also contained the underfloor heating. In order to be able to keep the frost out, the orangery provided with the option of warming, which, however, only be used when a strong frost to get the temperature to sink below freezing.

“Unlike an ordinary greenhouse is an orangery typically more beautiful, with a classic appearance and high ridge, and is often used good and solid materials. With an orangery and a conservatory can you extend the summer and have more sun in the winter”

Materials for orangery

Modern domestic orangery is also typically built using stone, brick and hardwood, but developments in glass, other materials and isoleringsteknologier have produced viable alternatives to traditional construction. The main difference with a conservatory is in the construction of its roof – a conservatory will have more than 75 percent of its glazed glass, while an orangery will have less than 75 per cent glazed. Domestic orangery also typically a taglygte. Improved design and insulation has also led to an increasing number of orangery that are not built facing south, instead of using lysmaksimeringsteknikker to make the most of available natural sunlight.

Træplanter in an orangery

The orangery provided a luxurious extension of the normal range and season of træplanter, which extends the protection, as long as had been granted by the warmth offered from a murfrugtvæg. A century after the use of the orange and lime trees had been established, came other varieties of møreplanter, shrubs and exotic plants also housed in the orangery, which often gained a stove for the upkeep of these delicate plants in the cold winters of Northern europe. As imported citrus fruit, pineapples, and other soft fruit was generally available and much cheaper, was orangery used more for tender ornamental plants.

Benefits of having an orangery and a conservatory:

• Get the opportunity to furnish you a place, which can extend the the summer into your home

• Get the opportunity to make yourself in the middle of nature with plants and wicker furniture

• Get the opportunity to get more sun in the winter

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