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Decorating with sustainability – BoShop

Over the big trend embraces sustainability and environmental awareness – and here are the furniture and interior are not an exception. We are in the time to become more aware of how the furniture is created and produced. We therefore prioritize sustainability, and when the tabernacle is refreshed. Hos BoShop, we take responsibility, and providing sustainable actions for the device.

We have hos BoShop an FSC-trade mark licensing (FSC®-N003521). The license means that we are approved by the FSC to use the FCS’s marks in our communication and promotion of FSC-labelled products.

What does and stand FSC® for?

The Forest Stewardship Council further known as FSC® is a global non-profit organization which encircles the environmental, social and economic sustainability of the world’s forests. The aim of the organisation is to create common guidelines for sustainably produced wood and paper products worldwide. They want to be able to enrich with the same area of forest, generation after generation. The social sustainability is promoted through the provision of labour and education, for which the protective equipment and the salary shall be made as requirement. The organization provider FSC-labelled as visualize the products that are made of materials from FSC-certified forests and other responsible sources as f.ex. reuse.

Nature and the forest is valuable, which is why we hos BoShop cherish the through sustainable initiatives.

We take responsibility for the environment

We endeavour to think sustainably, regardless of whether it is in connection with the choice of materials for our unique range, or whether it is based on the working conditions of our suppliers. We include and establish new sustainable initiatives and are continually trying to expand our product range within this area. Nature is important to us, and we want of course to fit in the best way possible, so future generations can enjoy it too.

“Sustainability embraces the broad, but in general to create the best possible conditions for people and the environment for the present and the future.”

Sustainable initiatives hos BoShop

In addition to having obtained the FSC trade mark licensing (FSC®-N003521), we offer high-quality furniture and timeless designs, which promotes a longer life. Furniture high comfort and unique designs will, therefore, adorn your décor in your home for many years to come. We include also sustainable, when it comes to our inventory. We do not mass-produce furniture for the storage, but only buy a minimum of our best-selling furniture and decor, as we know, with the guarantee will be sold. Otherwise, our stock of custom-designed furniture, which can only be put into production, when the individual customer has ordered. This furniture shall be kept until the delivery is scheduled.

Decorating with care for people and the environment by dragging sustainability into the home.

Decorating with care for people and the environment by dragging sustainability into the home.

Sustainable furniture for the home

We are trying in the best possible way to incorporate sustainability into our product range. We negotiate among other furniture that is made of 100 % recyclable PET bottles, including the Thirsty chair, as well as selected hand-woven rugs. In addition we distribute the series ”vintage mangoes”, which is the furniture made of mango-trees. This wood is highly sustainable since the mango tree gets a new life in the furniture industry when it no longer has economic value of mango-the plantations. In addition to the aforementioned sustainable furniture, we offer you several of our furniture can select textile made of 100 % recycled polyester.

Benefits by providing sustainable:

• Sustainable furniture that gives a sense of good conscience

• Sustainable furniture yet nothing in particular applicability and unique design

• Sustainable furniture that draws nature’s beautiful colours inside the house

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Let yourself be inspired by the BoShops range of sustainable furniture:

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