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Decorate the common space for all the family

Common space rich and diverse in form as well as function as a place of living of the whole family after a day’s work will be indispensable in a house.

Many people still mistake space living is the living room, or the area doesn’t allow that combines two spaces together. However, if you are eligible, the layout of a space common to the members of the family gatherings relaxation is always very necessary.

Living room increasingly oriented of the chamber of multimedia entertainment. So, this space needs to have cabinets, shelves to the layout of audiovisual equipment at home such as TV, dvd, orchestra, speaker…

Living room family should be attached to the stove to add food and drink to entertainment, many families are designed to add a bar right in the room.

If there are conditions, you should also create the relationship of living space with outdoor space, enhancing the contact between human and nature through the window, skylight, with trees, flowers, leaves..

Modern life makes the members have little chance of qi tịu the right meal, perhaps so that many designs tend to enter the dining room into a multi-function room, the living room in order to save area.


You can add or alternating ancillary spaces into space living inside make space living more rich in form as well as function. The small niche this contains the active individual separately as a computer desk, reading desk design… where the members of the family both work separately just listen and participate in the general activities of the family.

Relationships between kitchen, where fast food and the living room according to which should form the triangle shape, consolidation triangle, this will contribute to strengthen relations in the home.


The changing role of the kitchen from the service part of the common that the design space as well as decoration need significant investments. In this case, the dining room must have a high aesthetic appeal, the elegance of it is in space, layout than it is worth and material.

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