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Curved sofa, designed that appeals to many

If your desire for a sofa is that it must be curved, so we have hos BoShop also sofas that has this curved shape. Want you at the same time, a curved sofa from Kelvin Giormani, then there are various options

A sofa may also be curved in its design as the curved sofa here in the picture. It is the curved sofa Rusco l from Kelvin Giormani, as you can here at BoShop.

Beautifully designed sofas

While many homes have the liniar and right sofas in their homes, which in its very own way can create and extend the lines that you have in your accommodation in advance, the sofas with the curved shape also worth to consider. When a sofa is crafted with the arched shape, you get a sofa that in many ways stands out from the perfectly straight sofamodel. In a sofa with the arched shape you are more like in a caring, embracing and cozy, when you are sitting in a curved sofa.

“And the curved armrests give you a good support all the way under your arm, when you use the armrest to support you, for example when you are reading a magazine or a magazine in your couch”

Organic curved form on the couch

Check out the great selection p&nbsp BoShop.en see, for example, the model Rusco, you can look at the big picture at the top can be made as a curved sofa. There is just one or another unusual, stylish and really fat by a curved sofa. Maybe it’s because you do not see them so often, but personally, I really like the curved look to a sofa. Hos BoShop, as seen above, get the model Rusco, as a curved sofa. On www.boshop.dk can your sofa be seen. But remember that there are still opportunities to build the sofa from several different sofa modules, and that the color on the curved sofa can also be changed.

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