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Consulting design your home Pham Ho Phong, Tay Ho, Ha Noi

Hello WEDO !

I have a piece of land surface slightly fontanelle, anal, facial, money, width 6.5 m depth 21m (rear release 6m), located in the lane,there is a facade, the building area of about 80m2. The land West and North,located in the inner city.Next house a house of 4 floors. The house has 4người (parents and two children(1trai,1gái),no old people).

Works can have 1 living room ,1 kitchen ,1SHC,3phòng sleeping 1phong breathing,1gara(can, gay, pharmaceutical, automotive),have front yard of the house,with terrace. Works with modern architecture ,airy ensure natural ventilation. Funding is expected about 700 million.

Look forward WEDO help!

Pham Ho Feng-Au -Tay Ho -Ha Noi

Wedo answer :

Hello friends, thank you very much you’ve joined our site, with the request you give us please give the sketch to your home as follows:

Your house has 3 floors and 1 basement. We don’t build all the land that you leave out about front yard, backyard and 1 wide strips crisis 80cm next to the house to give your home more airy as well as having more light. The basement is a garage of about 19m2 are made underground at 60cm higher than the front yard, with this area you are able to get 1 car and about 2 motorcycles.

The 1st floor of the house was put up to 2.1 m above the floor of the garage to ensure the height for the garage. Because your home slightly fontanelle so we do a plate wall cross by edge cross of the piece of land to create the space inside the house. The space between house – where there are 1 miniatures and stairs just is room for the living room is both intersections for the 1st floor and stairs as well as kitchen area and the dining room next door. Spacious living room of approximately 19m2, located in the front, adjacent to approximately front yard and landscape area between the contiguous with the scene we do the concrete is painted fake wood set apart 22cm, we do so to prevent split living room space with space traffic between the house but can still see the landscape area. The specialty of the house is the staircase is placed diagonally to create the interior space, the house, at the same time highlight for the space between house. Part of stairs the remaining spot projection property is avail to display at this, the owner can display these ceramic vases, statues, or to hang paintings on the wall. Dining room and kitchen area to cook adjacent to the primary area, kitchen cook, we also do the bar concrete faux wood to prevent divides the space but not to lose the integration between the spaces have different functions. The end of the kitchen space and dining room is the wc, here we put 1 wall cabinets to decoration for the dining room and make hidden zone wc. The end of house is the area to the washing machine and stairs leading down to the courtyard behind the house used as deck.


The 2nd floor is 2 bedrooms revolves around space living

of the family. Each bedroom has the airiness of all contact with nature, the living room, too – this room is located adjacent to about pine floor. There is 1 big window in the wall cross to take light for living room and stairs. We do 2 bedroom revolves around the common room to the house not the tube again.

3rd floor has 1 bedroom with private toilet room, and a church, in addition is the terrace – the resting place of the family at the same time is where the fitness of the whole house. On the terrace we do 1 hut palm leaves roof to the family can sit there and rest.

WEDO are looking forward to plans we put in place will help you to visualize any part of your house. This is the initial step for us to find common ground. We are always willing to work with you in the next step.

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