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Color trend new for your house

The colors used for the house now has really become diverse with many different shades with different color intensity. Yellow reminiscent to the calming colors of the cotton, wheat, blue of kingfisher here is 2 color trends the most popular was found in 2013.

1.Trends in use of color fossil


Inspired by the raw materials of earth, this trend embraces rock and mineral in its natural state, we: Carbon; ore and coal are the names, colorful, but also from that conjures up images of texture.

2.Colors industrial



This palette is an extension of the “color fossils” in the inspiration of it, but there again is somewhat more gentle. The colors in this segment diversity refined neutral, cool, warm space rustic.

3.Color “fly”



The change in the light of the world from sunup to sundown, it reflects the diversity of colors in the sky and the clouds ambiguity is created when there is the appearance of the moon. The color of the “Flight” is the story based on purple with a combination of colors mixed with different shades.

4.Source life



With allusions to the plant, agricultural, color belongs to this color embraces life with the friendliness of the environment. Optimistic, lively collection of yellow reflecting the desire to be connected with the natural elements of nature with the human world in general.

5.Color lakes middle of the night



Formed from a concern for the consumption of the waste of resources of human emotions, where worries have led to a nostalgic feel, reminiscent of memories, romantic, relaxing at the lake. Blue Blue and teals depths has a calming effect against the tormented, the fret of the human soul.

6.Woods Walk



Is the color found at the centre of a forest. Turquoise on the tail kingfisher, fresh green color of the plants, brown under the detective leaves the forest. All are derived from the inspiration of the colors of the tropical jungle.

7.Color bazaar



Is a in the array color most vibrant. Color fiery warmth found at the stalls selling all kinds of spices, food dye, reflecting a colorful space with validation object derived from nature.

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