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Color schemes for house spacious and more luxurious

Colors, layouts, blocks and light harmony in a space to bring ventilation and exquisite beauty, luxury homes.

The color-coordinated, harmonious, delicate will make the house look wide, more open, at the same time improve the quality of life of the owner. In the photo below is the living room of a house of 3 floors, striking with theme color white grey dotted add brown wood of the glass stairs. The space under the stairs is leverage to make cabinet shelves create a tidy and neat.

Color schemes living room 1

Space living room modern, impressive and eye-catching than with plate wall grey is adorned sofa set white add depth to the living room.

Color schemes, living room 2

Space living room in mezzanine with decorative lights, side mingles with 3 shades of brown – white – gray tectonic harmony delicate.

Color schemes the living room

The sofa white as more luxurious when paired with the black and white photos featured on grey background, modern, and personality. The black shelves on the background of wooden wall along with the decorations small layout more balanced.

Color schemes sofa and white wall background

Bedroom for the master personality with plasterboard ceiling systems lighting exquisite.

Color schemes, bedroom with ceiling plaster and lamp lighting

Frame mirror at makeup brushes not only to the woman more beautiful that create the effect of doubling the space room.

Color schemes, bedroom with mirror frame

Window frame beside the bed right location through floor to help get natural light for the room more airy, close to nature.

Color schemes the bedroom with the frame of the window beside the bed

Bedroom space a bold modern with wood and luminate. The paintings decorative art along the wall creates exquisite beauty, charismatic, every angle.

Color schemes, bedroom with wood and painting art

The bedroom of the family home, with cabinets ceiling gray. This layout helps to create visual effects extension of depth and height.

Color schemes, bedroom with closet ceiling

System cabinets with ceiling gray multipurpose handy create the effect of extensions on the height and depth for the room. Frame landscape paintings on the head of the bed is dotted subtle in the overall space.

Color schemes, bedroom with closet ceiling

Wall decor headboard with floral motifs and elegant add the modern beauty to the space.

Color schemes, bedroom with decorative plaques headboard

Window and door frames, with white curtains background wanted to create pure space for the bedroom.

Color schemes, bedroom with white curtain

Kitchen with glass material brown wood kitchen cabinets, multipurpose facilities, creating comfortable space for the housewife satisfied creating art on the dish.

Color schemes kitchen cabinets

Dining room harmony with the overall house colors bring feelings of comfort. Door frame big side guarantee for the space always liberal and crafted light brings the space cozy, reunion of the family dinner.

Color scheme dining room

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