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Closet hotelstemningen at home – BoShop

Who has not tried to be drawn interiørmæssigt of the many hotel rooms to be found anywhere in the world. The feeling of excess and luxury that characterizes a room with all the details is a pure pleasure both to visit and reside in…

You can even create hotelstemningen at home, as it is shown in this image. Here is a room decorated with the Match L stofsofaen from Prostoria, which you can buy here at BoShop.

Nicely decorated room, where there is attention to all the details

The sofa is decorated with some nice pillows in some sarter shades, which gives the rest of the helhedsfølelsen of luxury. The couch is one of Prostorias sovereign of the sofas, where you’re like in a hotel room get all the comfort and function that you could wish for. This is a sofa in the absolute top class, who among other things is modular so you can decide how it should look.

“When you are at the hotel are also the clean lines that can dominate the room. Everything together to get the guest to relax in the best possible and enjoy the stay optimally. Many guest rooms also have a big and high floor lamp right by the bed or by the couch, which provides a cozy atmosphere in the corner”

Coffee table in front of couch

When you are staying in a nice hotel room, there is typically also a small coffee table or some bedside tables in the same room. Here in the picture you can see how they have decorated themselves with some coffee tables by the side of the bed or as here, in front of the couch. If you have the desire, then you can See all BoShops coffee tables here. It is here at the hotel room can use sofabordene to put some of her things. Below you can see the actual sofa, which is shown at the upper big picture. Below we have compiled some of the other products, which can be seen in the picture at the top.

Advantages to align themselves with a hotelindretning:

• Get the opportunity to surround yourself in a luxurious boligindretnings way
• Get the opportunity to have a feeling of being at the weekendsferie

• Get the opportunity to unwind with a feeling of profits

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Read more about the product and purchase them including:

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