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Closet hanger rack of the show. Slide type・vertical…sturdy is it? | Interior for site-LUV INTERIOR-

Closet storage hanger rack put the storage capacity up to want more. For closet rack with hangers and various things, and what ones to put from you all.

Slide type and vertical type etc but there are all sorts of reasons. Heavy duty hanger racks also what kind of?

Hanger rack recommended for.

The hanger rack is a”heavy duty”and say the name of the product chosen

The “seal”of the”heavy duty closet double hanger”

Its name is”heavy duty”and say the name with the”seal”of the”heavy duty closet double hangers”are recommended.

Load bearing also on the”seal”of”heavy duty closet double hanger”load-bearing 70kg in.

The bar is sturdy and in features.

Closet hanger rack, the bar was falling down or rattle some heavy duty ones and want to choose one.

Here is the before and after 2-stage double-hanger for the season, on and off the clothes back and forth into and out of it. For height front and rear, and also can be changed.

Closet and hanger bars are heavy duty and the Foundation of the leg structure was high, in the middle of the horizontal bar of the support is the most important thing.

What more load-bearing is neat, let’s check.

The heavy weight of those heavy duty ones as well.

“Dinos”in the”telescopic heavy duty push into the hanger”

This is also the name of duty with the”Dinos”in the”telescopic heavy duty push into the hanger”is.

The width and height to change the world.

Ordered for pushing stocking into,width 110 ~ 180cm to change.

As steel pipes, we also load capacity is 70 kg you’s message or put your message into drift bottle and throw into the sea. heavy-duty in…….

This is also before and after the 2-stage in the divided-down list.

Business”professional G900 flat base hanger rack”

The load-bearing can choose from the commercial”Pro G900 flat base rack with hangers”for you.

Peace of mind of domestic hanger rack,load-bearing 100kg, dependable type.

Width is 90cm in height is adjustable 102、8~178cm is adjustable. Low on closet in your phone.

Pipe bar thickness is 1. 2 is thick and heavy duty to have a…… Or self-Assembly is fully welded in built to charm.

Also, this product is the height of the fixing of the pipe for the screw holes, instead of screws hold it to the frictional force at the height of the fixed type and have a…… The pipe to the holes of strength that will drive traffic and sales.

This is a thorough strength for professional hanger rack. Closet even rely on it.

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Heavy duty and convenience to choose?

“Security seal”in the”not assigned extendable closet shelf”

Landscape example I push into the depth of the suit size can be adjusted from,how to use freely.

Source: http://www.cecile.co.jp

“Security seal”in the”not assigned extendable closet shelf”load-bearing shelf 1 stage 10kg hanger 10 kg up to 30kg and more.

Withstand load is lowered to a shelf and hanger using both worked in the garden.

This width is changed, the closet is a vertically placed interface.

Load-bearing is not, and ease of use from speaking on the shelves small overlap you can also put the hanger, and both can easy to use all over the world.

“Iris open map”of the”push into the slide rack”

OSR-74 pushed into the slide rack up off my 29875834

Source: https://www.monotaro.com

closet slide rack

“Iris open map”of the”push into the slide rack”the slide in the back for taking out the design.

Mesh slide tray 2 tiers with accessory tray can be set.

Load-bearing slide hanger is approximately 10kg mesh slide tray(1 oz)5 km in a total of about 20 kg and more.

Load resistance is low slide the hanger can slide to the convenience and pleasure.


Closet hanger rack for? Slide type・vertical...sturdy is it?

Source: http://www.cecile.co.jp

What do you think?

Sturdy choose from and the load-bearing high numbers of objects and events. However, the shelves set up, and the slide can also be used as each convenience, there is a closet to store your items to match can be.

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