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Build a level 4 roof 3 bedroom of the hiccups

Choose design patterns the level 4 roof 3 bedroom be many households, the couple of current interest. Design house roof is one of the design house beautiful mix of design styles modern and traditional make up the difference for housing level 4.

Top model is a level 4 roof 3 bedroom “cool xò” most current

In contrast with the house facing the street is narrow, the level 4 roof 3 spacious bedrooms with garden, garage design is minimalist and the money bags are increasingly popular in recent times.

Sample a level 4 roof 3 bedroom area 120m2

With construction area of 120m2, many households in rural choose building level 4 roof 3 bedroom, instead of building 2 floors, 3 floors.

The facade is a level 4 roof 3 bedroom

With the main facade 6m2, use shades of white light to create the delicate and highlights for housing level 4. With the roof system, thai, roofing tile, brown, black, simple but incredibly striking, are more family favorite today.

The layout of the function of science, the interior layout is suitable help your family have a living space, amenities and the most comfort.


Energy use include: living Room, kitchen + dining room, 1 large bedroom + toilet, self-contained, 2 small bedrooms, 1 common toilet. With an area of 6x20m2, was designed home offers 4 comfortable thai-style modern in accordance with the climate, the topography of our country.

Sample a level 4 roof 3 bedroom, 1 rooms, church 500 million

Design the level 4 roof, 3 bedrooms, the roof could use the color blue instead of red tile roofs, traditional, fresh made house becomes modern and striking than the surrounding houses. Hoa yourself in color roof tile green black is white color of the house wall.


The level 4 roof thai beauty

Beneath the house, and the pillar is emphasized, especially the gray color of tiles. In addition, about the front yard is design with white tiles form a unified whole. Courtyard garden behind can use to grow, dependable, growing vegetables for the family.

Model garden house level 4 roof 3 bedroom 1 bathroom modern church of


Perspective facade 3D model garden house level 4 roof 3 bedroom

With stylish design, simple, chic and modern model home garden class 4 roof, thai, consists of 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom church is the desire of many households in rural areas today.

With style architectural design of the template, villas, combined with the roof system, thai, create accents for housing works extremely unique.

Sample a level 4, 100m2, 3 bedrooms false villa

Is the template a level 4 roof 3 bedrooms most luxurious, this design is shaped in the style standard of the U.s. with the dotted unique from those emphasized on the roof to the array of wall cladding tiles be different.

nha-cap-4-mai-thai-3-phong-ngu-5 nha-cap-4-mai-thai-3-phong-ngu-6

Sample a level 4 author villas

With design firm with the combination of 2 main colors black, white and the sharp, stylish and has created a modern master but equally exquisite.

Around the house was covered by green trees and flower beds make the house come alive, less monotonous than just using black and white as the main color.

With an area up to 100m2, the owner can arrange to 8 room in the house: living room, dining room, kitchen, 3 bedrooms, bathroom and toilet room brings the convenience and full of science.

Sample a level 4, 100m2, 3 bedrooms combine garden

Sample a level 4 have the garden you don’t need to worry when to go looking for solution help the house becomes cool.


The level 4 3 bedroom combination garden beautiful

Sample home this typical for gu design brings the traditional values of Vietnamese people. Instead of building more room leftover, the homeowners took advantage of the small land leftovers to turn them into the resting, relax, make friends with nature in the house.

Model the level 4 roof 3 bedroom with the wide giving you the opportunity to freely reach the power to design the “babylon” of his own.


The “babylon” extremely beautiful eyes of the house level 4

Why you should build a level 4 roof 3 bedroom

Sample a level 4 roof 3 bedroom area 120m2 – 125m2 designed in the style of traditional folk houses in Vietnam combine with clean lines, square the only convex and concave stylized modern.

Is a form very suitable to harsh weather, rain, hot sun, and anti-noise. House level 4 to bring some semblance healthy harmony between nature, fresh air and brings a strong ethnic identity.

About the space

Space in the countryside just spacious medium-sized, airy and cool fit with the level 4 roof 3 bedroom 1 room church.

The house level 4 when building shall be in accordance with the natural environment, shifting thanks to nature to create a sustainable ecosystem.


Life bon chen, noisy and harsh place, this town makes people so tired just want to be on the quiet countryside break to collect yourself between fish pond, river, idyllic know how. Review on this element, then surely everyone wants and is home to enrich his homeland.

On demand use

When society is growing there are many young families up city founded also in the home is old people and parents or the children in the care of fields and gardens, so that the demand of most of the family no more. The level 4 roof 3 bedroom just that simple functions in accordance with the number of people in the family.


With how to design house level 4 has 3 bedrooms will divide the obvious functions, such as: 1 bedroom for grandparents or parents, 1 rooms, church can combine to general space with living room, 1 guest bedroom (bedroom backup will to when the children go on home visits have a place to sleep, stay) and 1 bedroom for kids and the other members in the house.


To design is a house level 4 roof 3 bedrooms are beautiful or not depends on economic conditions of each family.

Many people believe that building level 4 roof 3 bedroom is poorly luxury of convenience?

But, not so. If any family has economic conditions within author would like to invest in the house will have many different ways such as to use the materials, stone cladding, imported the equipment ceramic tile, stone or other sanitary expensive, investing in furniture in the house,..



The level 4 roof 3 bedroom

Here is share some samples of a level 4 roof 3 beautiful bedrooms, with a total cost of construction from 300 to 600 million, which is more household of current interest. With an area of about 100m2, can choose to build a level 4 roof 3 bedroom amenities and the most modern.

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