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Boligtrends 2020 – BoShop

A trend actually means, what’s hip or popular at a certain time. While a trend usually refers to a certain style in fashion, there may be a trend with the interior design, which focuses on sustainability and furniture that follows the proper spirit of the

People tend in the end to follow a trend and sometimes it can, however, be an influencer or more influencers, accelerating a trend. Away, disperse people trend from person to person. Absent stofsofaen from Prostoria are one of the sofas, which have a color tint in the trendy Neo Mint color scheme.

What is a trend?

A trend reflects, quite simply, what looks to be up in time at a given point, and just as the past few years comes BoShop here with a bid that comes to yank the trend within the four walls. A trend can be in any area and reflects not only a fashion, pop culture and entertainment.

“Some trends are fun, some fabulous, some appalling, but however long the goods, you can be sure that there will always be a new trend to replace the old trend”

Social media and interior design

When it comes to social media, and interior design, there are some platforms where people poster pictures with the trends. Choosing which trendtemaer such as the colors that should appear on their social platforms. Other social sites use algorithms to determine which trends to be displayed. How trends start, has changed over the years. Today with social media, anything can become a sensation overnight, almost literally overnight.

In large parts of the 20. century caught trends slows down after a build-up of advertisements. Newspapers, magazines and advertising are used to popularize everything like interior decorating is that in today’s boligblade. It all comes down to spread the word about an idea and a vision or something. Communication is critical to the process, whether it is mass communication or by personal word-of-mouth. A second aspect of the dynamics is the human need to fit in. People have a tendency to engage in groupthink, with an eye for the popularity or acceptance and that does not seem to be judged as u-trendy.

Colors in the decor 2020

We’re going to see a greenish color, with the name Neo Mint in the next year, there are shades of Neo Mint, which stretches from the more yellowish and over in the cool, gray. This color has an oxygen-rich, fresh shade that will science and technology to harmonize with nature. The color has a cool, futuristic vibe, but also a connection to plants and nature. And it is precisely the tones one can see on the Absent stofsofaen. Absent is a modular system that combines different ryghøjder with three different seating depths is repeated, that provides a fully customized lounge experience. The slightly rounded segmentkanter get a vibrant and dynamic forms with a smooth, futuristic undertones.

Here are some of the colors that we are going to see in the new year:

Follow with here in this blog posts which will regularly be updated with the many boligtrends for 2020.

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