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Boligtrend: Narrow desk for home

Are you looking for a narrow desk for the office at home? There can be several advantages to align themselves with a narrow desk. You can both save on space in the home, or perhaps have a desire for an elegant and less work desk

One of the great boligtrends is the narrow desks for the home as for example, with the smart B Desk desk from Ethnicraft. The desktop has a depth of only 45 cm, which makes it suitable to be placed in many places in the home. Please note, that it showed the desk in the picture, unfortunately, can not be purchased more here on the website.

The narrow desktop benefits

The advantage is that it is easy to work at, since there is usually only room for one person. You can easily have his papers together with his computer, and it is therefore very useful for example to do homework on. In addition, fit a narrow desk into smaller offices or living rooms which need to have a a work corner.

“It can have a charm in itself to the desktop does not take up too much space in the room, but precisely constitutes a discrete workplace”

This narrow desk is among the very widespread among the bloggers, as in numerous boligreportager have shown their desks back where they usually are beautifully adorned with stunning books and vases. The narrow desks are also put together with some stylish posters in glasrammer, which hangs right over your desktop. In this way, the narrow desk in the great compatibility with the rest of the interior, as a total visual solution. But of course there is also the possibility to have a larger shower in the dwelling, if you are more like it.

The benefits of a broad desk

Who can sit more at a wide desk, which makes the work much easier. To avoid the lack of space, and can enjoy the pleasant atmosphere to sit for two and work side by side. The risk to the entire stack of paper smoking on the floor are smaller, and there is space to fill a little extra, without it being a problem. A broader and more modern desk from BoShop, therefore, is clearly worthy of consideration. And it costs certainly not something to look past BoShop.dk and see the entire selection of our desks.

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