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Boligtip: The heating metals are in in the the home

Copper and brass are known as the heating metals, and they are also high on the list of hot boligtendenser, you can let yourself be inspired by here at BoShop. These golden materials is trendy and in right now, which you can read more about here

Kobberfarven on the lamp has a warm expression in his visual material. The picture shows the Hammered Oval ceiling light / pendelen from Zuiver. Please note that the displayed lamp in the picture is unfortunately not be purchased more here on the website.

Can be combined with all colors

It is not uncommon to things and the interior for the home is made of brass and copper. Brass is an alloy, which is also called fattigmandguld in the old vernacular, resulting from the mixture of the metals copper and zinc, possibly with a less content of other metals. The mixing ratio between copper and zinc can vary, depending on what messingen to be used, since the mixing ratio and the contents of the other metals of significance of the alloy properties such as, for example, the melting point, hardness and resistance to chemical influences.

A material that is in the tabernacle, the material is copper. Copper has a number of features in common with silver and gold, which, like copper are all metals, which is easy to process. In its pure form is useful as a shiny metal with a distinctive reddish color. Copper is one of the few metals which actually appears as a pure metal in nature, rather than in the chemically with other substances. Because of this, some of the earliest civilizations had access to this metal, and people have been using copper for at least 10,000 years, and now as things in the modern home.

A touch to the home with this beautiful metal

The heating metals are amazing because they can be combined with all colors, and therefore are easy to mix into the vast majority of home in a bold way. For example, you can let yourself be inspired by our brand Zuiver, which has plenty of beautiful lamps in brass and copper. Here you get ideas for how you can use copper and brass in your decor with the products that you can buy at BoShop.

“A good idea is to combine the heating metals with a gray color as a contrast to the golden look, as you get with a lamp in, for example, of copper”

In the picture at the top is a delicious lamp from Zuiver for the living room or reading corner. Many people may have thoughts back on the decoration in the 1970s, where time was a second, and how many of the decorative elements was made of copper and brass. This trend with the heating metals are turned back and decorates the now numerous designs including the side of the tabernacle lamps that give your home a touch of the beautiful metal.

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