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Beautiful rugs to the hip home

There should not be any doubts about the importance of having the right rug in the bohemian home. Let yourself be inspired by the carpets of BoShop and read here on boligbloggen the most beautiful blankets

Beautiful carpet for the home with Bite the blanket from Dutchbone, which you can buy here at BoShop.

Focus on colors and patterns

It characterizes many of today’s carpets are bohemede carpets with the faverige patterns that adorn the curtains. And there is so much thought to the details of the rugs, which you can see online here on BoShops website. In the picture at the top here on this page, you can see how the colors and the pattern can be sensed across the carpet.

This is a trend that you can’t just look at the carpets from Dutchbone but also on the carpets from Zuiver. A brand that we are also conducting here at BoShop. It bohemede expressed in the curtains one unto another with their radiance of a relaxed lifestyle, while at the same time they are fully aware will satisfy the whole style-conscious users of the carpet.

“The carpets works no longer just to be soft of your feet, but also to a high degree, or almost more like a sovereign and design beautiful statement in your home”

Stylish and modern rugs and carpets online

As part of the decor at BoShop, the importance of a rug in the living room. And, therefore, are the carpets, we accommodate ourselves with is just as important as many of the other pieces of furniture, as we design ourselves with. Carpets can be placed themselves on a bare floor, where they can provide a graphical expression or be placed under a coffee table, where it complements the lines, as the the other pieces of furniture has. Many spend much time in the Danish ones, and thus there will be also given much attention to the carpet in the living room. And this is exactly the reason that your rug should signal it you want, so you get a carpet that is both modern and beautiful.

It is up to you whether you want to have a neutral rug with a uniform color, which fall naturally into the rest of the interior. It could be, for example, a blanket in gray, blue or many colors. You can also choose to have a carpet with a more complex pattern, which in this way will create an intriguing contrast to a sofa in for example, in a light grey color.

Hos BoShop, you can obtain a new and super modern carpet. For a great many as a good carpet up to the part requirements. And therefore, we will highlight this beautiful blanket hos BoShop. This blanket is not just posed and modern, it is also extremely timeless. Many of our carpets can be seen in BoShops shop in Risskov, near Aarhus and in the BoShops shop in the centre of Aalborg, or here on the website – Happy shopping!

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