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Beautiful living room for villa garden house

With economic conditions are improving, needs, life enjoyment, not least the giants are looking to with a life Monday away from the noisy bustle of the city, which is the mansion-house garden ecology.



The general trend of the villa, the garden is tilted about nature folk to be able to feel all the the the rustic countryside. But for these people who love life facilities modern, then making a design garden house go in this direction, which still create a feeling of gentle, airy is nothing difficult.




Other than the mansion-style village home to another villa modern garden there’s something haughty little rustic grass tree flowers, the fresh air, airy space of a countryside combined with luxurious interior amenities, making the lives of people just like heaven.





In addition to the different way of expressing the villa of modernity also layout, the layout is completely different than villa garden folk. From the simple details such as color, material used furniture, decor and architectural lines. Materials used in the home also is a means of expressing elegance, luxury and comfort for villa. Modern mixed with natural, just, harmonious, just don’t be lost with the surrounding space. For example, the cozy of the wooden floor combined with the material of stainless steel burns lever, contemporary sofa sets associated with floor mats, rattan, seagrass…

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