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Beautiful betonborde for unique home

Decorate your home with a table in concrete to give your home a rustic and masculine expression in the interior design. Read more here on BoShops housing blog, how you can decorate your home with betonborde and concrete coffee tables

Betonborde in various forms is here placed in a home. This is some betonborde from Sits, which you can buy here at BoShop.

The modern and stylish betonbord

If you are looking for a concrete coffee table in the simple, modern design, Urban from the Sits is probably something for you. Sits has designed the beautiful, square concrete coffee tables on the principle that there must be room for creativity and stimulation of the senses as well as thoughts, when using one or more of the multifunctional betonmøbler. Therefore, a coffee table in concrete is not just a coffee table, when it comes from Sits, it can also serve as a supplement to one of the possible Sits sofa, as you may also already have.

“As stilbevidst consumer expresses your personality and your personal taste through the choice of furniture for your home. As a counterbalance to the more organic shapes and ‘warm’ materials like wood and fabric, creating a concrete coffee table is a nice contrast. The simple cut lets the material get to his right, and the table is at once restrained in its neutral line and eye-catching because of it unique material”

BoShop is also negotiating betonmøbler

The style-conscious consumer will enjoy the rawness in combination with the minimalistic design and the high focus on a complete and flexible functionality. Betonmøbler as Urban is also very durable. Not only can such a piece of furniture to be used creatively and for several different purposes as coffee table or side table.

When you mention the concept of the coffee table in concrete is not always just something that makes one think of the familiar coffee tables, often made of wood. But when you look closely at a coffee table made of concrete can you spot where the unique material it is and how nice a material it really is. When you need to give your home a new breath of air as a coffee table in concrete in each case, something you can take into your considerations. With its white and grey tones, and its stenagtige surface provides a concrete coffee table, with its material is a raw and smart look to the decor in your home.

Concrete, a masculine material

Concrete is a beautiful and masculine material that highlights the strength and stability, which often attracts the modern, style-conscious consumer. Betonbordene appeals also to the companies who want to support the open dialogue with the creative formations to the meeting between people. BoShop dealer, now is the modern and stylish concrete coffee table, Urban is based on a multi-functional design. In addition to the function as a betonbord, you can use it to square, rectangular or round concrete coffee table as an extra table, bedside table and as a stand-alone, a decorative object. Betonbordet comes in five sizes, so you can easily find it in the size that fits you.

Benefits of betonborde:

• Get the opportunity to decorate your home in a raw structure of the material

• Get the possibility to combine betonborde that both are round, square and oblong

• Have the opportunity to create contrast in your home with different møbelmaterialer

Here you can go to the BoShops home.

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