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Bathroom stone cladding luxury

Natural stone has the properties that match the luxury bathroom such as high durability, resistant to stains and wear and tear, varied colors, patterns and sizes.


Bathroom stone is used for wall and floor tiling. Requirements of the shower is bright, clean, easy cleaning, and. Rock surfaces are reflective, glossy, and is the solution for waterproofing the walls. In addition to the use for tiling, stone was used for the sanitary equipment such as bathtub, washbasin, support legs, table lavabo…



Line marble is more popular by dramatic color, shiny surface. These properties will bring to room, bathroom, beauty, elegant, luxurious. However, the surface has a high gloss back, easily lead to the possibility of slippery when wet. In addition, the marble is also very sensitive, easily chipped, requiring avoid contact with chemicals regularly.



When choosing stone bathroom, you should avoid choosing the vivid color like red, pink or orange because they are easier to make sense of glare, brilliant. In addition, tones, black or gray also should not be selected because these colors make the room look gloomy. Earth tones and subdued colors such as green or blue is the most harmonious. Homeowners should also design the bathroom correlated overall with natural stone to tạohiệu the aesthetic.



To the stone surface is not slippery and always dry, the landlord can also be overcome by choosing products with a rough surface, anti-slippery when wet.

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