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African style in the home – BoShop

Africa is the second largest continent on earth, also represented as the style in interior design-here on the website. Give your modern sofa a touch of exotic items to make your interior warm and personality

Give your modern sofa a touch of the exotic and african elements as with plaid and cushions with patterns and earthy tones. Seam stofsofaen is characterized by the lines, which form the sofaens form. The visible stitching is to define sofaens organic structure. The right outer contours creates a nice contrast to the soft cushioned seat, armrests and backrest.

A touch of Africa in the decor

With the urbanization and modernization shows modern african dance and music, the influence of which is assimilated from several other cultures.
Africa has a number of overlapping cultures. The most conventional difference is it between sub-saharan Africa and the northern countries from Egypt to Morocco as a largely associate themselves with the arab culture. In this comparison is considered the nations south of the Sahara that consist of many cultural areas, for example the bantu language group.

There can also be differences between the French Africa and the rest of Africa, for example, the former british colonies in southern and eastern Africa. Another cultural dividing line is between africans who live a traditional lifestyle and the like, basically, is modern. Traditionalists are sometimes divided into pastoralister and agrikulturelle

“African art reflects the diversity of african cultures. The oldest existing art 6,000 year old carvings found in Niger”

The african culture and its importance

African dance is an important mode of communication, and the dancers are using the guests, masks, costumes, kropsmaling and a number of visual objects. The basic movements are sometimes simple and put the emphasis on just the upper body or abdominal muscles or feet. Such movements are sometimes complex and involves coordination of the various parts of the body. Dancers perform the dance, sometimes alone or in small groups of two or three people. Dancing with many of the practitioners are also performed with different formations, such as linear, circular, winding and so on.

Ghana is famous for creating the most famous in the ‘Bona fide’ african expression and brands, these range from wood carvings, messingværker, figures, gems and different types of materials. Ghana still holds up to be notoriety as a nation with endless savings on minerals, such as gold, diamond, silver, bronze, etc. Ghana provides plenty of help for craftsmen to create and design jewelry, whether it is modern or traditional.

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