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A universe of 70’s ceramics

Ceramics is one of the big trends, and has found its way into many homes. Pottery is the term for products made of burned clay, which including available undreamed-of types, shapes and designs. It creates a forum where there is room for creativity and personalization

70’s ceramics encircles the round shapes, the down-to-earth and harmonious colors, and add colors on the shelves.

What is ceramic, and the closer to the 70’s ceramics?

The designation of ceramics are fired clay, which, depending on the temperature of the species itself differently. In addition, there are several years ago, as a composite with brændingstemperaturen leads to different types of pottery, including raku, earthenware, stoneware, porcelain and more. Since shapes and shapes as well as combinations of glaze added to achieve the desired expression, in this case the 70’s. But what is characterized by the 70’s ceramics? 70’s ceramics are characterized by round and afstemmende types, down-to-earth colors such as sennepsgul, cognac and green shades. The straight lines are broken, and there will be a space for quirky color combinations, and creative størrelsessammensætninger.

Unique 70’s ceramics

Collection 70’s ceramics is a series of handmade bowls, mugs, cups, plates, and jugs, which makes each product unique. The series invites togetherness and pleasant moments, over a nice hot cup of coffee or a welcoming dinner. The collection embraces wide in relation to the committee, where the many sizes, colors and unique can change the root to create personality for the home. Since brugsfunktion is clear, but to let it be included as a decorative element in the interior brings soul and character.

Create your own universe of ceramics through HKlivings beautiful, unique and colorful 70's ceramics.

Create your own universe of ceramics through HKlivings beautiful, unique and colorful 70’s ceramics.

Since the world, and what you need to pay special attention

Ceramics are available in several unique shapes and glaseringer, which is one of its enesående character. Glaseringen is never quite the same, which is due to the temperatures, the amount of glaze, and how the species within in the oven, and creating a unique piece. Ceramics can as among the get add edge to the home, through the brightly coloured services. HKlivings collection is characterized by astronomy, why the colors udspringes thereof. In addition to the fine exterior enriches the series with a good durability, as well as it is practical, since it can go in the dishwasher. Collection 70’s ceramics are made from stoneware, which is worth keeping in mind, as it is a solid, durable and durable material.

“The brand HKliving is one among many, which are chosen to explore, since the world, and has launched the collection 70’s ceramics are inspired by the astronomical universe. The collection offers services, including bowls, mugs, cups, plates, and jugs in several shapes, sizes and designs”

Colorful and unique designs of the 70's ceramics bring to the decoration in the home.

Colorful and unique designs of the 70’s ceramics bring to the decoration in the home.

Tips for how ceramics can be incorporated in the home

Pottery is a world filled with colors, quirky shapes and new designs. The service has a clear brugsfunktion, but can be a great complement to decoration in the home. Then you have space on shelves, in vitrineskabet or on the bookcase in the living room, so can ceramics be to create an entirely new colors to the decor in your home. Ceramics can be composed on the cross, it is only the imagination that sets the limits.

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Let yourself be inspired by the BoShops selected range of 70’s ceramics from HKliving:

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