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5 sample design house 1 floor cheap style modern

In part the home of Wedo, about we will truyen ba to you in many designs contemporary home selected multiple concurrent initiatives designed structure, beautiful, valuable proceed to build cheap will become trend in 2018 here.

The sample this home has new design with full facilities, from the design model house beautiful city in the alley to the building, advanced two-sided coin. coordination between the facilities with the creation of the KTS bring beautiful space, advanced and unique novelty.

Home tube 1 floor cheap, has a modern design.

Quotes proceed to perform the construction of the pipe, 1 floor under m2

According to the survey of the us market deployment build the house to in the current period, the unit price of construction works the pipe 1 tier fall into the anise average average from 2.900.000 – three.300.000 million on m2 for the form in the coarse fraction and manpower to complete own way all-inclusive, turnkey will from 04.800.000 to 5.400.000 million vnd on m2.

specific information quotes proceed with construction of the rough year 2018 as follows:

2.900.000 VND/m2. for projects with a total dt on 350m2 floor.

three.000.000 VND/m2. compared with the project has a total gross area of over 300m2 to under 350m2 floor.

three.100.000 VND/m2. compared with the project has a total dt on 250m2 to under 300m2 floor.

03.300.000 VND/m2. for works has a total area of lower than 200m2.

Prices do not include tax value, meaning enhanced – TITS

So with the above price is not including the price of money piles, geological drilling, pile. And material can be changed according to the price, and each locality has the same total value meaning prestigious same if obstacles in the material supply for construction.

Unit price deploy proceed to build the house tube, 1 floor ranges from two.900.000 – 3.300.000 VND/m2

Following is the sample home tube 1 tier cost of implementing the construction of cheap, suitable with a design in 2018, you get the same reference.

5 sample tube 1 tier price low design excel 2018

Model 1 – tube House design purely modern, with the comfort

To get a beautiful home, save with the practice of construction, you should have started to prepare and should pay attention to the aesthetics of the block house with the medicine.following factors:
Computer connection and elegant middle of the space.
Balance of light and no air.
Create point hit the road young, at the same time your interior equipment and carefully selected, unique – new.


Design house 1 floor modern

Space living room, kitchen space, bedroom apartment pipe 1 floors on here are design with style simple and modern.
Design space adjacent to the room is on the majority of people favored choice in 2018 because of the help leverage the maximum is the maximum space applied, help house breathable more.

Model 02 – The tube 1 tier coordination mezzanine unique – different 2018

Loft is a way to improve a space for the house has a total total area small, especially with cheap price. So in fact, as is increasingly the vast majority of people choose to conduct construction home tube 1 floor with a mezzanine. Because the model home is the choice, should design and personality as well as it changes, to overcome the disadvantages of dt.


Home tube 1 floor with a mezzanine

Home space divided into a ground floor, a mezzanine, 2 floors and a terrace. the same period a small yard between the house also be considered skylight to the circulation of light and air.
Mezzanine is the solution to change toward the good, the downside total area of the city.

Sample 03 – open-Style design of the house 1 story cheap

Be viewed as one of the innovative initiatives new wind blowing much home design shop now. personality open not only save the total area, but it also brings to life environment clear.
In that stage made construction, model compact, cost brought much more profitable, are more family options.
Open style saves is the total area of the home space.


Design house 1 floor open

Space room space extrovert, bringing exquisite space, in accordance with the life – activity, current dynamics, to meet the proposal of the employer.
Kitchen connected with the living room, with the design of this space is to leverage a maximum, and help homeowners do not spend the time and price to improve your equipment and furniture.

Sample 4 – home design pipe 1 floors with 2 bedrooms and garage to meet demand use

The house pipes often have dt not too wide or out of the city, choosing your equipment and furniture often taken care of very cautious. To satisfy his aesthetic orientation of the building.
Bedroom for the parents to be decorated according to the style of courtly and elegant, minimalist design to thoroughly use the space blank.
Choosing furniture is often calculated very carefully


Design house 1 floor, 2 bedrooms with garage

Don’t even space bedroom for children is the study of color, passion own preferences for the project layout in accordance with his own interests and desire to be of master room.
On the design of the garage has always been focused layout to be able to easily take the car out in. not much impact to the axis of the moving walk into the house make sure no meandering or cut, or any updates, life – living – life in the members of the family.
In addition, the wall in the garage should be painted by paints easy to clean, anti-fouling and avoid the moisture. You can also tangent what kind of lumpy rock with a rough surface roughness to suction, avoid noise.

Sample 5 – style advanced design 2018 in conjunction garden

Sample house 1 story cheap combined are the small garden designs unique – different – difference of modern architecture with the city simple, caste, along with that green spaces bring the comfort in the life – activity.
The window is designed to expand to create the airy and light great room. Flower is grown at the location of the small windows to create a special point for the beautiful home.


Home tube 1 tier combination garden

House with garden is an ingenious design to bring green spaces help the home take life relax, close, familiar with nature in 2018.
Home tube 1 tier price cheap the small garden design is unique – new – difference of structure advanced.
Many types of plants and broadleaf is decked out in eye-catching, to intrude on the cool and enjoy fresh air, right in the palms apartments.
The personality design, the pipe on this is harmony between the space within and external structure home. bring sophistication, help for the overall building back up evenly, uniformly. the try, you can pick and application for construction projects, block of the pipe, 1 floor for g/family, his pay in the future to come.

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